Geliasol 12-60-0+11%CALCIUM+1.2% Mg

Gel-formulated fertilizers are very effective especially in intense growth phases, with an increased impact on culture faster than liquid or solid fertilizers.
High fertilizer of phosphorus and calcium is recommended for use during rooting, blooming, growth, ripening and baking of vegetables. The potato is used in
tuber formation period.

• Rapid root development. Promotes flowering and binding;
• Very good efficiency. Through high nutrient concentrations it promotes rapid growth that leads to large quantitative and qualitative production;
• Prevents calcium and magnesium deficiencies;
• Ensures the quality of vegetables by improving the firmness, size and resistance to storage diseases;
• The fertilizer is 100% water soluble, it does not cause problems when used with dripping
• Helps plants to pass faster over periods of stress caused by adverse climatic or soil conditions;
• Quick action. Free the plant from the unfavorable influence produced by certain stressors;
• Increases the resistance of vegetables to storage and transport.

Dosages and application recommendations:
It is applied by fertigation to vegetable crops as follows: 5 – 7 kg / ha.
Do not use at low temperatures. Shake well before use. In case of high temperature application, it is recommended to use it during the morning or evening hours. The concentration of the solution should not exceed 1%.



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