Soils in greenhouses and solariums, due to large amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and large amounts of water, are enriched in salts, leading to imbalances
nutrients, resulting in an alkaline pH of the soil. Gel-formulated fertilizers are very effective especially in intense growth phases, with an increased impact on culture faster than liquid or solid fertilizers. The high nitrogen fertilizer produces very good results during the flowering-flowering period, improving the seed and fruit quantity increase as well as the quantitative increase in production.

• Apply with very good efficiency during the period of flowering – flowering;
• Fill out nitrogen requirements;
• Strong foliar development. It favors the increase in the quantity of seeds and fruits and the quantitative increase of production;
• The fertilizer is 100% water soluble, it does not cause problems when used with dripping
• Helps plants to pass faster over periods of stress caused by adverse climatic or soil conditions;
• Quick action. Free the plant from the unfavorable influence caused by certain stress factors

Dosages and application recommendations:
It is applied by fertigation to vegetable crops as follows: 1 – 2 g / liter of water, 0,5-1,5 g / plant.
Do not use at low temperatures. Shake well before use. In case of high temperature application, application is recommended during the morning hours
or evening. The concentration of the solution should not exceed 1%.