SOLAR 10-10-10+Microelements

SOLAR 10-10-10 + ME is a liquid foliar fertilizer with balanced content of macro and microelements, absorbed and quickly assimilated by leaves and fruits with strong stimulating effect
photosynthesis resulting in vigorous vegetative growth and abundant fructification.

Usage:It is applied by foliar spraying in the maximum consumption stages of nutrients, specific to each crop.

The application rate is 2.5 – 5 l / ha, providing a solution quantity of 300-500 liters / ha. The spray solution must not exceed the concentration of 1,5%. 3-4 treatments are recommended.

Fertigation: 15-20 l / ha on application. In the case of dripping, concentrations of 0.1% – 0.2% are used. It can be used in the following crops: cereals, sunflower, sorghum, sugar beet, potatoes, rape, corn, fruit trees, fruit shrubs, strawberries, vines, celery, spinach, peas, cabbage, cauliflower.

Recommendations, application:
Sprinkling can be done under temperature conditions up to 26 ° C and at least three hours before rain. Fill the dispenser container with water up to 2/3 of the volume. Start the agitator. Pour the measured amount of fertilizer. Make up with water until the sprayer container is filled. Do not exceed the recommended dose.



  • Benefits:

    Preventively and curatively controls nutritional imbalances;
    It complements the need for nutrients and microelements in the phenophases: twinning, splicing, before flowering and cereal grain formation, from the 4 leaf stage to the formation of grains in maize and throughout the growing season to the other cultures;
    Completing the nitrogen requirement by applying foliar fertilizer reduces the process of nitrogen leaching and nitrification of groundwater;
    It is easy to apply with phytosanitary treatments;
    Can be used in hard water areas.

  • Effects:

    Stimulates root development;
    Improves plant growth and development by stimulating flowering and fructification;
    Increases production by increasing the plant assimilation surface;
    Contributes to the nutritional balance of the plant;
    By participating in protein synthesis, it improves the quality of production;
    Optimizes the absorption of other soil elements and trace elements.

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