SOLAR Boron is a liquid fertilizer containing 15% Bor, intended for the fertilization of agricultural crops. Boron fulfills in the plant the function of constructive element, being necessary in the formation of tissues and cell walls. It positively influences the formation of reproductive organs, flowering and fructification. Its presence is necessary for the formation of pollen and nodosities in leguminous plants.

Usage:It is applied by foliar spraying from emergence to harvesting to the following crops: sugar beet, rape, corn, vegetables, strawberries, potatoes, sunflower.
The application rate is 2 l / ha, providing a 200-400 l / ha solution. When applied by hand pump or atomizer, the concentration of the spray solution is not exceeded by 0.5%.



  • Effects:Influences the formation of aromatic compounds in plants;
    Positively influences germination, cell division and fructification;
    Contributes to maintaining a proper tissue hydration state;
    Participates in the synthesis of pectic substances, nucleic acids;
    Combats the deficiency of boron characterized by reducing plant fertility and chlorosis and rusting young leaves.
  • Easy application with phytosanitary treatments;
  • It is compatible with most pesticides;
  • Maintaining the boron content in the plant contributes to the efficiency of its fertility;
  • Applies to all crop plants from emergence (planting) to maturation;
  • Stimulating blooming, fructification and uniform maturation leads to great production.

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