SOLAR GEL 23-23-23+Mg+Microelements

Solar GEL 21-21-21 + ME is a gel-like fertilizer with balanced macro and microelements content, absorbed and quickly assimilated with strong photosynthetic stimulation effect
resulting in vigorous vegetative growth and abundance fructification.

It is applied by foliar spraying in the maximal consumption phases of crop-specific nutrients.

Application rate:
Foliar application: 3 – 4 kg / ha, providing a solution of 300-500 liters / ha. The spray solution should not exceed 1.5%. 3-4 treatments are recommended.
It can be used in the following crops: cereals, sunflower, sorghum, sugar beet, potatoes, rape, corn, fruit trees, fruit shrubs, strawberries, vines, celery,
cabbage, cauliflower, nurseries.

• Stimulates root and vegetative development;
• Enables the transport of nutrients;
• Enhances the plant’s ability to adapt to stress;
• Improves the quality and quantity of production;

• Preventively and curatively controls nutritional imbalances
• Dissolves quickly and completely in water
• It complements the need for nutrients and microelements in the phenophases: twinning, splicing, before flowering and grain formation in cereals, from the 4-leaf stage to the formation of grains in maize and throughout the vegetation period in the other cultures;
• Easy to apply with phytosanitary treatments.



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