SOLAR SULFUR- is a liquid fertilizer for foliar fertilization with high sulfur and nitrogen content. Sulfur participates in basic biological processes, it is important in the formation of amino acids and chlorophyll in the plant.

When there are deficiencies in sulfur, plant growth is reduced and maturity is prolonged. In rape, the deficiency of sulfur is manifested by slowing down, then stagnation of plant growth, leaf yellowing, decreasing number of plant changes, decreasing fertile flowers, decreasing MMB, decreasing the number of silicas.
Nitrogen is one of the fundamental elements of plant nutrition. It is found in the amount of 0.2-4.5% of the dry matter of the plant. It is the most influential element in the growth of production by its effect on the chlorophyll and plant proteins and the main element of plant growth, foliar surface, seed and fruit growth, genetic information transmission through RNA and DNA, synthesis enzymes, vitamins and chlorophyll. Nitrogen deficiency is manifested by yellowing of the leaves, low plant growth, reduced fruit yield.

It is applied with phytosanitary treatments. The application rate is 3-5 L / ha. For optimal absorption, apply with sufficient water, approx. 400 L / ha. The concentration of the final solution should not exceed 1.5%. It can be used in the following crops:

Rapid: During leaf development (application in autumn 4-6 leaves) and during strain development. The SOLVANT adjuvant is added to the rape.
Cereals (autumn wheat, barley): twinning; during stretching the straw to the first knot;
Sugar beet: 4-6 leaves, 6-8 leaves;
All cultures: 3-5 L / ha for the prevention and correction of sulfur deficiencies.

* Can be applied with the most commonly used plant protection products.
* Does not apply during flowering




  • Nitrogen and sulfur are available quickly and are quickly absorbed through the leaves;
  • Ideal for foliar applications;
  • Saturated nitrogen and sulfur intake for all crops, ensuring good crop development from the early stages of vegetation;
  • Corrects sulfur deficiency;
  • Fills the need for sulfur that can not be taken over by the root;
  • Applied autumn, increases the resistance of culture at low temperatures;
  • Helps increase wheat quality by obtaining high protein content;
  • Improves soil absorption efficiency of nitrogen fertilizers;
  • Easy to apply – compatible with the most commonly used plant protection products.

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