SOLAR ZINC is a liquid fertilizer containing 70% zinc intended for fertilization of agricultural crops.

Zinc contributes to the formation of vitamins C and P, chlorophyll, plant growth, increase drought and frost resistance, fertilization, nitrogen fixation by legumes, processes
fructification. It is involved in the activation of enzymatic systems that ensure the development of metabolic processes in the plant. Under the conditions of zinc deficiency, substance formation decreases
stimulating growth. Zinc deficiency occurs in plants when the value of zinc is less than 3.4. Lack of zinc produces: in the corn whitening the leaves; live, sunflower, small leaf disease. Zinc deficiency occurs on chernozem and alkaline soils with a pH of 7.8, on cold soils with excess humidity and low temperatures.

It is applied by foliar spraying from emergence to harvesting of all crops. The application rate is 1-2 l / ha, ensuring a minimum amount of 200 l / ha. When applied by hand pump, the concentration of 0,25% shall not be exceeded. It can be used in the following crops: cereals, sunflower, sorghum, sugar beet, potatoes, rapeseed, corn, fruit trees, fruit shrubs, strawberries, vines, celery, spinach, peas, cabbage, cauliflower, nurseries.

Recommendations, application:
Sprinkling can be done under temperature conditions up to 26 ° C and at least three hours before rain. Mixed with other foliar or pesticide fertilizers, the 2/3 pump is filled with water and water add products separately. Solar Zinc is added as the last component.

It does not apply in combination with other products.



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