SOLAR CALCIUM is a fertilizer based on calcium, nitrogen, magnesium and EDTA chelated microelements. The calcium deficiency is manifested as follows: • Growing peaks degrade, become mucilaginous and brown; • Calcium-deficient tomatoes and cucumbers have a rotting of the flower from the fruit; • The phenomenon of bitter crash occurs during apple harvesting and storage; • Floral inflorescences and peduncles bend; • Root center degeneration in celery (black heart); • Produces chapping of the head and the occurrence of burns on cabbage leaves; • Cracking the calyx at carnations. Magnesium deficiency is manifested as follows: • Decrease of the chlorophyll level in the plant; • Deregulation of nitrogen metabolism; • Yellowing of the parenchyma, the ribs remaining green. • In order to prevent these deficiencies, foliar spraying is applied during vegetation with the Solar Calciu fertilizer, which contains besides N, Ca and Mg and the microelements B, Cu, Fe, Mn, Zn. • The Solar Calcium fertilizer is water soluble. It is applied with phytosanitary treatments. For proper use, refer to the compatibility tables and run a test before use. Advantages of application: • Prevents the deficiencies of calcium, magnesium and microelements; • Ensures the quality of fruits and vegetables by improving firmness, size and resistance to storage diseases; • Increases storage and transport resistance.